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New Drought Response Best Practices and Resources

The California Department of Education’s School Facilities and Transportation Services Division has developed a new Drought Response Best Practices and Resources Web page that includes strategies that school districts can consider to reduce their water usage.

California is experiencing one of the worst droughts in the state’s recorded history. The current snowpack is less than five percent of the average. It is critical that all Californians do their part to conserve water.

Schools are in a unique position as centers of community, and as educational institutions, to lead by example and to educate the public on what can be done to stretch the supply of water until the drought ends.

The list provided by the CDE is not exhaustive and each school district should evaluate a strategy based on the district’s climate, existing conditions, and water reduction efforts already completed. Typically, the majority of water use is for irrigation of landscaping and playfields, so a focus on outdoor areas may yield the largest savings. It is important that districts inform the public that school fields are key educational and community resources and, as such, need to be maintained to a minimum safety standard.

Additionally, the CDE has launched an online Twitter campaign inviting all schools and districts to share best practices using the hashtag #WaterWiseSchools.

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